Welcome customers! Privacy policy is a page where we make customer aware with the policies of the website, so that they can decide whether to proceed ahead or not. Our aim is to keep the user data safe with us because it is all about trust which drives the user to visit our website. Using the advance technologies and techniques, we collect data in two ways, directly and indirectly. We care about our customers and don’t want them to get into any trouble with their shared information so we keep data safe in our hands, however, in case the data is shared with the third party for the advertisement purpose, however we do not share personal information. In case the user is visiting any third party website using the link on our website then we are not responsible for the data collected by them. Basically, privacy policy manages user’s account and protects personal data of customer.

How do we collect data?

We collect data by the two important techniques. With help of these techniques we can identify the position of user, that is, from where he is accessing our website. In the first technique the user fills up the form or sign up to our website and provide the personal information himself. And, in second technique which is indirect method to grab the information, we use some software and cookies that collect the information from your computer.

What data do we collect?

We collect personal data which includes the basic information like name, age, gender, pin codes and much more. On the other hand, some extra information also gets collected by us without asking the user like system details, operating System, search engine, internet service provider details, system’s unique identification number, time, and location.

How do we keep data protected?

In the manual method, we collect all the data provided by you, such as first name, last name, age, gender, email address, phone number, postal address and other details. In the second method, which is automatic, we gather information about your IP address, your behavior on our website, search engine that you using along with your network service provider and some other details.