Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions is the agreement that is made by the company regarding the website and its contents so that, in future, nothing goes wrong between the company and user. Terms and conditions are created for the user so that user may do not get into any wrong doing activity or else, company will take action on the basis of their terms and conditions. That’s why it is said that terms and conditions are important to read carefully and thoroughly before proceeding. When the user doesn’t agree with terms and conditions then he should stop using the website and if the user is continuing using the website then we are bound to believe that the user is in agreement with the terms and conditions of the website.

What to do when you don’t agree with terms and conditions?

When the user doesn’t agree with the terms and conditions of the company then he/she must stop accessing the website and not proceed for more details. But if the user is not agreeing and still using the website then, it signifies that he/she is agreed with the terms and conditions.

What to do when the company modifies the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are those provisions that are not generally changed; but if the company does modification in their terms and conditions then, the company is in no restriction to make any of the user inform about the changes made. It is the responsibility of the user to make themselves aware of the changes by reading the terms and condition available on our website. Accessing the website will only depict that user is accepting the terms and conditions of the company.

What is Non-commercial content usage in terms and conditions?

The content of the company is for the user, to make him aware regarding the company’s product and services. It is not meant for misusing, misleading or copying and if we find any user doing something that do not comply with the company’s policy then actions will be taken against guilty under the violation of intellectual property rights and our terms and conditions.

What is the role of third-party links on our website?

Third-party links are banners or advertisements which are placed on United Airline Number website as it is just for the reference of user and not for promoting third party’s products and services.

What about the prices and payments of products and services?

The prices and payments are decided by the company. The prices of products and services do change at regular interval of time. However, if the user made his/her booking then the prices will not be changed.