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Imagine what if you planned for a trip and as soon as you reach to your destination, and as you stand there to collect the luggage, your bag is found missing. We understand how troublesome the situation can be, but we recommend not panicking, especially if you are travelling with United Airlines. The airline has liberal lost baggage policy. In this blog, you will come across about certain questions about your lost, delayed or damaged luggage and how will you secure your bag? If you fail to understand then you can give our knowledgeable and skillful experts, a call. They will help you in solving and sorting out your queries and doubts regarding everything like baggage policy, arrival/departures, cancellation clause, refund policy etc. You can call directly to the experts on United Airlines number and you will get a proper resolution.

United Airlines lost baggage policy: United delayed baggage compensation

By chance, if your luggage is delayed, do not worry, as there are other ways to get it back. The airline has several ways to keep track on them. There are chances that your bag can be misplaced but eventually luggage is returned. If your bags are on the next flight, then you have couple of hours that you could take them but if it has been sent to wrong airport then it might some days. So make sure that you claim immediately at the airport and drop your hotel or home address, as well as a phone number where you can be reached. In fact you can also find out the bag’s status some airlines have an online system too while others will provide you phone number to call for updates.

United Airlines baggage lost

If the airport loses your bags, then you must have a written claim for damages, which will require a different form other than the original “missing luggage” form. This can be done at the airport or online. Airport usually keep long list with them in which they have mention the items for which they will not be held responsible (like jewelry, money, heirlooms and other valuables). So make sure that you pack these items in your carry-on bags or left at home.

United Airlines baggage stolen

In many large airports, airlines scan bags that are loaded into the baggage claim area. The airlines keep records with them and by chance, your bag goes missing then probably it would be in the baggage claim area and at that time your claim will no longer with the airline, it will be with the police.

United Airlines baggage damage

As soon as you get your baggage in your hand check immediately, that is there any sign of tampering or mishandling. If there is any, then report the damage before leaving the airport, and later the customer service agents will inspect the bag. Keep in mind that airlines will not cover minor wear and tear. These are the situations, which will tell you that what all you have to do at these times. In case you did not able to reach our website then, you can call on the United Airlines phone number where you will interact with our customer care agents and they will guide you with additional information as well.

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